…Inspiring minds, influencing lives!

Goldenmuv consulting is an excellent provider of cutting edge training interventions on executive coaching, Leadership, financial intelligence, capacity building, talent management and other outsourced training consultancy for youths. We offer a gamut of training programs in our quest to address every emerging concern.

Our Mission

To fully and actively be involved in changing the lives of youths, by facilitating various processes, strategies and programs that are value-driven.

Our Vision

We are a team driven with passionate desire to shape the future of youths, help humanity thrive by building excellence, values, potentials, innovations and efforts of all stakeholders in our operations.


Excellence: We strive to adequately cultivate, utilize and maintain positive attitude to achieve desired outcome of high standard.

Teaming: We work together to share unique ideas, best practices and leverage diversity by helping one another grow professionally.

Leadership: We demonstrate visionary, practical and proactive approaches to always stay ahead and contribute to future achievements.

Support: We indulge in policies, processes and procedures that will strengthen individuals and impact lives.

Development: We are consistently involved in practical individual and intellectual capacity building.